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About Us

Cereblence® is an online marketplace for instructors and entrance & competitive exam aspirants in India.

Today, across the world, acceptance of e-learning solutions as cost-effective delivery method and a viable alternate for traditional face-to-face classroom is increasing exponentially. In India, there is still a huge untapped potential in e-learning sector
that can be explored.

We provide a convenient, transparent and secure platform where the instructors can publish their self-paced e-learning exam prep courses geared toward entrance and competitive exam syllabus.

The courses include instructor-led pre-recorded video tutorials, supplementary study material, practice tests, course discussion forum and regular live doubt clearing sessions with the instructor. The courses provide e-learning only in asynchronous mode and are entirely on-demand with no start date or completion date.

All our courses come with a 24-hour, no-questions-asked money back guarantee. Check our Refund policy.

An individual who aspires to pass an entrance or competitive exam conducted for admission to colleges or universities or for securing a government sector employment in India can search for an exam prep course, purchase it and study online at their own pace, wherever they are, whenever they want with lifetime access.

We aim to position our company as a one-stop destination on the Internet dedicated exclusively to e-learning solutions in the entrance and government exam prep industry. Unlike traditional classroom coaching, Cereblence helps student save time and travel & accommodation cost. Our low cost courses invariably offer superior quality and greater accessibility.

We are constantly adding new exams & courses based on popularity and emerging trends in entrance and competitive exam market in India and regularly updating existing courses in line with latest exam guidelines and syllabus. If you have questions about how we can satisfy your specific exam preparation needs, contact us today.

Our Vision & Mission


To be recognized as a leading e-learning company in India.


To develop and promote an online e-learning platform for entrance and competitive exam aspirants and instructors.

Why are we called Cereblence...

Amalgamation of the words, Cerebral and Excellence, Cereblence exemplifies intellect and brilliance.

These two words define our company's ethos and propel us to offer intelligent and superior quality online exam prep solutions to millions of aspirants across the country.